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Adam Daniel Spencer is the voice actor for GameChap and has quite a history. Born in 1989, he quickly gained fame among his local community through the BBC news. According to certain sources he learned his alphabet within 9 months of being born, therefore his parents realized that he was extremely clever from a young age. Later on he became the second person in the UK to gain a maths GCSE A* pass at the age of nine although when he applied for university, he was denied because of his age and ultimately, he didn't get into university at all.

After a while Adam started his own website and wrote an e-book named Adam Spencer's Math Buster Passed Age Nine, an amusing title but an important one none the less. He also began his Youtube career in that time frame. That is why the channel's original name is "AdamZoneTopMarks" (the website name is AdamZone and the rest of it is just inspiration in order to get children to the top of their marks). His first video (which is now removed) is a video explaining the book he wrote, however he then wanted to try his hand at something different, in this case, gaming. As stated on his website, Adam loves gaming so he tried it and that is where the GameChap story truly began.