• Cynder rush

    Guest staring me, my friends, Herobrine and probably some famous dude later.

    Loud music poured out of the disco and onto the streets. Light spilled out onto the road illuminating people's spirits as they walked past. Giggling with grins like crecent moons, a gang of four came trundling slowly out of the disco, calling out things like "Au revoir!" "See ya later!" "Ta ta!" behind them. One of them, a teenage werewolf, was the first to stop laughing.

    "Oh," she exclaimed "Look at that."

    "There's nothing there." snorted the skeleton, who was still laughing. He was indeed right, as all there was was a road, barren as a wasteland. Deserted as a desert. A plastic bag blew past in the dust like a tumbleweed for effect.

    "Exactly, where's the dragon that…

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  • Cynder rush

    Here are the pictures I made using a chibi maker on Deviantart (link here ) and put here.

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  • Cynder rush

    Sirius 1.0, or just Sirius, was Cynder Rush's deceaced wolf that never saw the camera because she forgot to film him. He died drowning in lava in the Sugar Rush section of Herobrine Mountain.

    Before she tamed him he was drowning in water, darkening his fur to make him look like Sirius Black in the Harry Potter books. This is where he gets his name. When he was dying he turned red and had fire on the end of his tail and back.

    Unlike Cynder Rush's other wolves, Charlie, PiPi, Lupin, Sirius 2.0, Zombo, Cocoa and Herobrine the wolf, Sirius didn't seem to have much of a personality. Despite this, it seems he was danger-prone. This is seen as he was found drowning, fell into a hole in the snow forest, got caught up in a minecart and eventualy drow…

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  • Cynder rush

    Snowie is Cynder Rush's deceaced pet snowman tragically killed by the second spider spawned by Cynder Rush in her How to build a snowman video (I don't have a YouTube account yet but I will get one one day). He was built in the snow forest next to the scary redstone torch that W61 Spyro possibly put there to scare her.

    Snowie looks like the regular snowman you might see on christmas cards exept he had a pumkin as a head. He is slightly smaller than a skelliton, being about 1 1/4 blocks tall.

    Not much is known about Snowie's personality, but he hated spiders with a passion. This is shown when Cynder Rush spawns a zombie and Snowie refuses to attack, but when she spawns a spider he starts to throw snowballs at it.

    • Snowie is Cynder Rush's second d…

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  • Cynder rush

    Some of us need to re-read the rules because I have had some issues recently, namely spamming. Here's my story.

    If you saw this what would you think? I personaly began laughing because it was quite random and, you know me, I like being random too, but this was going too far. I normaly just say random yet in a way related things in comments or in chat, but this was spamming. I have now got rid of this title and replaced it with just gallery. The spammer has not been caught yet but me and private what's-his-name are on the case.

    Keep up the good work, chaps!

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  • Howiter1

    Should there be a GameChap and Bertie: The Movie featuring the two chaps themselves I say?

    My idea for a possible plot:

    GameChap gets tired for Bertie's antics over and over again. After his house he finally snaps at Bertie, causing Bertie to leave. At the same time however, Herobrine had plotted a new idea with none other than...


    Here, we learn that Herobrine is actually a subordinante of Count Cadbury all this time to destroy GameChap. Meanwhille, Bertie ends up in the Canyon Village in the newly built Village Tavern. He then meets a Testificate by the name of Jim, who turns out to be a relative of Uncle Bob. He then tells Bertie it was not his fault, and cheers him up.

    Later, GameChap is seen with a new house as same as…

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  • TheMightierWolf

    Greetings. I am a fan of GameChap and Bertie, and consider them the #1 YouTube duo.

    I have just been blocked a few hours ago by GameChap for a comment I made on the Creeper Girl statue video. The comment was a response to the topic of incest. While I can understand how such a topic can be inappropriate for a video displaying a Creeper Statue, I don't think I deserved to be blocked for stating my opinion inoffensively and as a response.

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  • Gallp13

    Minecraft Sonic Mod

    May 5, 2013 by Gallp13

    Hello chaps,

    First, thankyou for the shout on twitter last week. I made my day!

    Please do a "lets play" on Sonic Heros or the Sonic Minecraft mod. You will have lots of fun, I will enjoy the video gram and the millions of Sonic fans will love your work.

    So chaps, grab those bally chaos emeralds and lets go!

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  • Orion76

    Okay, since I didn't get any responses on my last blog, I'm just gonna upload the pic and put it here.

    Here it is! The size is a bit big, so you might have to make it smaller somehow, lol

    Post your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • Orion76

    New Logo

    March 13, 2013 by Orion76

    The current Gamechap and Bertie wiki logo (on the right) looks.. ehh.. not very good, (no offence to the artist) so I was thinking that I could make one myself. Just tell me what it should look like, and see which one you like better!

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  • Falloutin3

    After doing some reseach and Video editing ect. ect. I sit and wonder to my self, what ever happen to The Gentleman Observer and Captain Kart. Why do you think that GameChap stopped doing these projects and kept it minecraft stuff. 

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  • NeoAX

    My farewell.

    February 1, 2013 by NeoAX

    Due to recent problems in life, I will not be active on this wiki at all, so, I hope that my comrade, Privatejfx, keeps this wiki safe from vandalism and gives new users a hint on what is to be done here.

    Farewell, chaps and chapettes.

    Until then.

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  • SwagMaster123

    my first blog

    December 23, 2012 by SwagMaster123


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  • JamesChap

    Greetings chaps and/or chapettes, A new chap has arived i say!

    Yes indeed, as of now JamesEChap is venturing minecraft in hopes to find his true meaning of joining!

    If you ever so wish to see him, find him on Skyblock SMP ( ), or KeiCraft ( ).

    Alright chaps and/or chapettes, thats it for todays blog of sorts!

    I look forward to seeing you in the next blog, untill then!

    JamesChap (talk) 17:37, December 19, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Toadrocks0409

    Hi peeps! Sorry I am not good at speaking british, but I had 4 awesome (maybe not that awesome) ideas for gamechap and bertie for their videos!

    1) Gamechap and Bertie both have their own spaceships and they fight Sir Creepalot

    2) Squiddington VS Herobrine

    3) Herobrine goes to court for killing gamechap and bertie's animals located in front of their house

    4) Nyan chicken 12 hour version

    Say stuff in the comments. Tell me what idea u like best :)

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  • NeoAX


    August 22, 2012 by NeoAX

    So, hey, people. I'm RushingZ, one of the contributors to this wiki. So, I'll be stating some stuff and I'd like some of you to post your opinions in the comment section.

    So, one of our members, "Fireurchin", made a page about DaveChaos, and if people watch the Yogscast, then you may know who he is. So, my idea, is instead of making pages about people making cameos in Crown Conquest and other big events, we should make a page for "Special Participants" that appear in Gamechap and Bertie's videograms!

    What do you think, chaps and chapettes? Anyways, leave your opinion in the section below.

    I'll see you in the next spiffing writing, I say! Until then!

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  • NewCarloso

    Halla there!

    August 12, 2012 by NewCarloso

    Halla there everyone. I am happy to join this wiki. I will contribute to this wiki as best I can by posting Clay Soldier team information and other articles.

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