Captain Kart
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The Captain in his Karting apparel and giving the salute for Karting Justice!
Truly a spectacle to marvel at.
Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Male
Residence Great Britain
Political info
Affiliation Mario Karters
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance The Adventures of Captain Kart
It's a Ferrari!
No, it's a bullet!
No! It's..
Captain KART!

- Captain Kart's Superman-like motto

Captain Kart is the main character of the now defunct Adventures of Captain Kart series.


He fights motor-bicycling evil with the force of karting justice!

Who can challenge the Captain? Which bike dare find itself under the wheels of his rolling thunder? He bows to no bikes! He stands for no skulduggery! He gallantly conquers his biking opposition at any cost! He stands for what is right!

Upholding the historic values of Karters the world over, the Captain soars online every day to seek, challenge and conquer the new biking threat! Dare you challenge the Captain on your wretched, two-wheeled motorcycle of misery? Can you stand up to his power? Never! No - run in fear, motorcycling dissenters, for the Captain dishes out karting justice in no small amount! No bike can stand in his way! No two-wheeled tyrant can outrun his trusty motor vehicle!

Will you join him in his gallant quest or (unwisely) seek to oppose him? Whichever way - beware the might and power of Captain Kart!

Vanquishing Record: Approx. 1190 bikes and ever increasing!

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