Count Cadbury
The Daily Pick newspaper with the Count's Golden Monocle challenge.
Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Male
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Count Cadbury is the founder of the Golden Monocle challenge and a rival of GameChap's. He seems to be a really rock character, and is only seen in black and white, however.


  • Strangely, he looks exactly the same as GameChap, almost if they were related.
  • Possibly his mansion is the source of GameChap's rivalry.
  • GameChap and Bertie mock him by calling him a cad whenever his name is mentioned.
  • Cadbury may be a play on words on the English word Cad, meaning a man who behaves dishonourably, especially towards a female.
  • Cadbury is mentioned in the Quest for the Golden Monocle Episode 1
  • His mentioning is almost only in the Quest for the Golden Monocle. He is also mentioned during the Survival Island series
  • He calls Gamechap and Bertie at the end of each challenge they face, and sounds like muffled mumbling.
  • Cadbury is very mean towards gamechap and bertie and appears so much in the Quest For A Golden Monocle also in the Survival Island series.
  • Gamechap and Bertie call Cadbury a cad whenever his name is spoken which might be a play on words as his name is CAD-Bury
  • The surname Cadbury may be a reference to the British confectionary company, Cadbury.
  • He could be Gamechap's father

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