The ghost pig
The ghost pig
Biographical info
Gender Male and female
Residence Herobrine's shed
Political info
Affiliation [herobrine
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Minecraft Aether Mod How to Tame a FLYING PIG & Fly it, Tutorial!

Jim is GameChap's pet flying pig. He lives at the aether base, although in one video he was shown at GameChap's house as a normal pig. He was lost one time but he returned. The silver dungeon valkyries are scared of him. Bertie can understand him.

Jim returned one day in a mod spotlight where you can name mobs. Sadly, Jim lost his wings that day (the Aether mod was not installed and Jim had no wings). In the Aether 1.2.5e update video spotlight, Jim returns after a long time. Jim is one of the most loved pets GameChap and Bertie have (besides Sir Creepalot and Squiddington).