Biographical info
Species Testificates
Gender Male
Political info
Affiliation Testificates
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Minecraft STEVE GETS SUED !!
Order in the court, order in the court! So, we are all here today for a very, very, very, very, careless crime. Steve, you are been accused of killing villagers!
- The Judge

The Judge is a character seen in the video, Minecraft STEVE GETS SUED !!. He was about to sentence Steve to jail until Bertie comes and objects everything. It's possible that he was later killed by Bertie's TNT scheme (along with Steve and many other testificates) that blew up the entire courthouse.

The judge seems  jump to conclusions and is a bit "One-Sided" only listening to the Testificate's side of the case. The judge also is the only testificate that speaks Clear English while others such as the Mayor Talk in the "Native testificate Language" Which is muddled english spoken extremely quickly. 


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