Lewis "Xephos" Brindley
The famed man for all Yognauts!
Biographical info
Gender Male
Residence Minecraftia (The Yogiverse)
Political info
Affiliation The Yogscast
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance The Walls
Aw, come 'ere you little bugger!
- One of Lewis' and Simon's quotes when attacking a mob.

Lewis Brindley (a.k.a. Grandma Hitler or Hat Boy) is the managing director at Yogscast Ltd. and plays the character 'Xephos' in the popular Shadow of Israphel series of videos. Lewis attended the university of Manchester in the 2002-2006 period studying chemistry. His previous jobs include technology scientist, organic chemist and freelance science journalist. His interests include computing, audio and video editing and gaming. By his past jobs it should be clear why he is often considered the more intelligent half of his bromance with Simon Lane.

Although not currently playing World of Warcraft Lewis was most recently playing a Gnome Warrior called Zephos. Lewis's Minecraft character is called Xephos, and his dad is called Allen Brindley. Lewis is currently dating Hannah. There are two rumoured ways that Lewis could have met Hannah; Simon first insisted that she was working as a waitress in a Tiki Bar, which Lewis was visiting. However Lewis denied this and said that she was a Yognau(gh)t who sent him photos of herself (both were revealed in "The Nodrassil Radio Interview [Long Version]").

Simon and Lewis began uploading videos to YouTube in July 2008. Their YouTube channel, BlueXephos, initially started out as a World of Warcraft "How-to" channel, in which they uploaded videos of their guild (Yo Olde Goone Squade) killing bosses, with commentary on how to beat said boss in the foreground. The first episode of the YogPod was released in on the 5th of Febuary 2009 and was recorded during the snowy days of February which occured that year, thus, the first episode was named 'Snowcast'.

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