Video SummaryEdit

"Minecraft Gangnam Style" was a parody for Gangnam style featuring GameChap, Bertie, a Creeper Girl, and a Blaze Girl dancing the the original Gangnam Style dance. Though it does not show them in real life; the video was made in MMD, a.k.a. a program called "Miku Miku Dance." During the first couple of days after the video was uploaded, there had been a rumor that suggested that the Blaze Girl had been "Naked" in some parts of the dance. This rumor started because MMD is a bit buggy with movement, and the little clothing she wore had, according to Youtube comments, moved too much and exposed some unmentionables. However, this rumor was settled with the video entitled "Minecraft BLAZE GIRL is NAKED?!", which showed that the Blaze Girl was in fact not "naked."

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Minecraft GANGNAM STYLE Dance Animation!01:35

Minecraft GANGNAM STYLE Dance Animation!

Minecraft BLAZE GIRL is NAKED?!02:16

Minecraft BLAZE GIRL is NAKED?!

Video that settled the "naked Blaze Girl" rumors.

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