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Mob Talker Mod

First Video:

Mincraft Girl Talk (mob talker mod)

First Cage girl fight:

Blaze VS Skeleton

7 Main girls:

Zombie, Creeper, Spider, Cave Spider, Skeleton, Enderman, Slime

New girls:

Blaze, Magma cube, Villagers, Ghast, Iron Golem, Snow golem, silverfish, Zombie pigman

Gamechap and bertie have been doing a lot of these videos. They have done the most Mob Talker videos out of everyone on Youtube. The latest one was this one. It was a cage girl fight one (blaze vs. skeleton). The 7 main girls are the spider, cave spider, zombie, enderman, creeper, skeleton, and the slime. The newer ones are the blaze, ghast, silverfish, iron golem, snow golem, zombie pigman, and the villagers.
Cage Girl Fights
1) Blaze VS Skeleton 2) Ghast VS Zombie Pigman
3) Blaze VS Skeleton
4) ???????????

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