GameChap and Bertie's Quest For The Golden Monocle is a old, unoffically cancelled series GameChap had.


GameChap was in his house giving a small tour but them receives his newspaper. It said Count Cadbury was giving away his trusty Golden Monocle for those who could find three treasures. His Golden Monocle could find any treasure with ease. GameChap, finding out he is almost completely broke, calls Bertie to come over so they can find the three treasures.


The Redstone TorchesEdit

Their first adventure in this series was the Prof. Grizwald and the Redstone Torches map. They were looking to find the hidden diamond mine for Count Cadbury. They also had tamed a wolf and named him, but he died while trying to stray away a creeper. Gamechap and Bertie managed to find the Diamond Mine but wondered if Count Cadbury was actually willing to give the Golden Monocle.


They then went to Kikatchu for their next adventure.

Episode List! (Includes episodes 19 and 20)Edit


  • This series could have been cancelled because the maps were outdated due to all of the updates.
  • Count Cadbury might not give GameChap and Bertie the monocle so willingly after they get the treasures.
  • There are two episodes of the series finishing mount Kikatchu, that are not added into the main playlist.
  • Bertie did not seam to require the money at the time, but more or less came for the spirit of Adventure.
  • Bertie made his first appearance on the channel in this series, and ever since has been along side Gamechap.
  • Count Cadbury is rarely mentioned outside of this series.

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