Minecraft NEW HORSES in 105:39

Minecraft NEW HORSES in 1.6! First Look!

Sir Trottingtonne-Clopsworthy's first appearance

Sir Trottingtonne-Clopsworthy is GameChap's horse, which he introduced in the video titled "Minecraft NEW HORSES in 1.6! First look!"  Trottingtonne was not officially named, however, until the video titled "Minecraft NEW LEASHES in 1.6!" Trottingtonne is protected by the Golden Horse Armor of Justice, and isn't mentioned much in the videos now that 1.6 is actually out.


  • Sir Trottingtonne-Clopsworthy was unnamed until the video that introduced leashes to Minecraft so that GameChap could ask his followers on twitter for name suggestions.


Bandicam 2013-07-17 12-47-14-558

Trottingtonne when he received his name in the video that introduced leashes

Bandicam 2013-07-17 12-39-28-098

Trottingtonne when he was named with the name tags

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