Sir Squiddington
Squiddington and some flying squids of justice
Biographical info
Gender Male
Residence Server House pond
Political info
Affiliation GameChap, Flying Squid of Justice
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance ?
OH NO! It's the Wrath of Squiddington!!!
- Bertie, realizing that Squiddington unleashed his fury

Squiddington is one of GameChap's pets. He resides in a small pond near GameChap's house. He is one of the two main reasons there is a disaster at Gamechap's house: the other being Bertie's TNT stash. Squiddington is known to have Extraordinary powers beyond belief, being able to summon a squid army and create massive waves to ruin GameChap's house. He usually ruins GameChap's house because he gets angry because of them. The reasons that he gets angry at GameChap and Bertie is because Squiddington gets jealous of something, They edit his pool, or GameChap and Bertie do something that involves the killing of squids. Squiddington is not an ordinary squid, but a Flying Squid of Justice.

Absolutely nothing dares to touch Squiddington's pond even when GameChap and Bertie were celebrating 100 million views. During this event, 100 million creepers exploded causing a nuclear explosion which obliterated GameChap's house. Squiddinton's pond was left untouched even though his flower was destroyed.


Squiddington looks like a perfectly regular derpy squid but he is in fact an extra terrastial being capable of wreaking infinite havoc. His pale blue skin and derpy eye look can be amazing.



  • Squiddington has a brother known as the Chuck Norris Squid.
  • Squiddington always destroys the canyon village.
  • Squiddington and Sir Creepalot usually see each other because they live close by.
  • Squiddington once murdered Sir Creepalot brutally in a duel.
  • Squiddington hates red flowers, but loves yellow ones.
  • Squiddington is in love with of Bertha for her ability to scare away creepers.
  • Usually, a thunderstorm occurs when Squiddington dislikes something or is just unhappy.
  • Squiddington can no longer fly due to the 1.6.1 update.
  • In The Crown Conquest event Gamechap and Bertie mention The curse  of Squidington. Meaning that Squidington sometimes uses his powers for death.
  • Squiddington sometimes floods Gamechap's house with water and squids.As seen in secret commands revealed video, where he hated the hitbox.
  • Due to his abilities, and the way Gamechap and Bertie love and fear him, one may suggest Squidington is a deity, possibly capable of challenging Notch's or Herobrine's power. 
  • Despite being destructive, he is not pure evil like Herobrine.