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The Adventures of Captain Kart was the first video and show posted by AdamZoneTopMarks on Youtube on October 19, 2010. The show tells the tale of a hero named Captain Kart bringing Kart justice to the Mario Kart World.


  • It's possible that Captain Kart could be GameChap, but some fans speculate that he could be Bertie as well.
  • There was a second episode but it was deleted, in which he fought a Spaniard (Bertie's voice) in the Nitrocycle and lost. They had a rematch and Captain Kart was victorious.
  • Unlike the future work that GameChap has worked on. This is the first time we ever see GameChap him self green screening him self into an image.
  • The music heard in the intro is a Super Smash Bros Brawl remixed version of the Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake theme.


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