Gentleman Observer

A title card from an episode of the Gentleman Observer.

The Gentleman Observer Recoved Photo

A recovered photo from the video gram.

Good day to you, I am the Gentleman Observer. Or in this case, Ladies and Gentlemen, not the Gentleman Observer.
- Adam/GameChap's introduction of Naked Shame! This Morning DOUBLE SHOCK The Gentleman Observer

The Gentleman Observer was a show GameChap did very early in the days of his channel. On the show, he talked about news events and proper edict. Sadly, the show is no longer in production. A noteworthy fact is that this show was made before Bertie had made any appearances on the channel.

It is also notable that after this short series, GameChap never shows his face on camera for any videos, as all images are in game since then.

One could say GameChap and Bertie could make good newscasters based on their capability of keeping up to speed with Minecraft updates and quickly stating all the important information while staying unsided on any

The Very short series only has Two Episodes remaining; some Believe that that the series may have only up to six episodes. But only then we will only know the truth about the "Lost Episodes".

Some of the sound tracks that is used in the background of the remaining episode have used the Liechtenstein National Anthem, A Hip Hop Song ? (Anyone who knows the song feel free to add the name) and The Gentleman Observer Theme A.K.A That Certian Party Of Mine


Rumor has it that there is some remain short footage, Audio files , Raw images files that Wiki observers are hunting down for. If anybody finds any thing that is related to this paragraph please add for the Wikis sake.

Videos And PhotosEdit

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