The Wither
Wither and Bertie Running
Wither in Mr Mayor's village.
Biographical info
Gender Male
Political info
Affiliation Independent
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Minecraft NEW BOSS ! WITHER in 1.4 !
Mc gold pickaxe "This page needs more bally info!"
The WITHER?!? Surely it's a mod!
- Bertie saying that it's a mod, 1.4 Snapshot 12w34a Wither video
The Wither is a 3 headed monster that attacks passive mobs and our Minecraft characters. This is a Wither, it is currently in the first stage in which it blows up. The Wither has gotten multiple appearances in several videos, such as the Minecraft YOU ARE The WITHER Mod! CRAZY! video which made the Wither's three heads have Bertie's face on them, so the monster was known as a "Bertie Wither." Some videos before that, there was an incident that involved mob heads, and when GameChap and Bertie got back to Mr. Mayor's house, there was a "Wither Creeper" in the house, and it started destroying everything in absolute sight and radius.

The Wither is an extremely dangerous boss that is the only legitament source for the powerful Nether Star, which is required in crafting a superweapon. The Nether Star is used to craft the Beacon (not Bacon), which can only work from a pyramid made out of iron, gold, diamond, or emerald blocks.

IT EVEN ATTACKS THE VILLAGERS!!!! Gamechap and Bertie talked about The Wither in about 5 of their videos. If you play a Minecraft Version 1.4.2 or over, you will not want to summon this ghastly foe.


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