FOSwN7M (small)
Gamechap and Bertie owns Tom
Biographical info
Full name Tom
Species Mutant Enderman
Gender Male
Residence his own cage
Tom is a Mutant Enderman and the main characters of Gamechap, his favorite power is Screaming, and he likes gamechap and bertie.

Appearance Edit

Tom is in his own cage he is not letting Beverly and Anna attacking him. he is one character that gamechap and bertie owns him.

Infromation Edit

The Mutant Enderman is probably the most dangerous Mutant in this mod, but is thankfully neutral, like an Enderman. With a height of 5 blocks and 200 ( × 100) hearts of health, this four-armed fiend is not your average teleporting block-snatching monster. It strikes fear in its enemies with its piercing purple eyes, its imposing figure, and its ability to wreak havoc in your world. Mutant Endermen can frequently cause death to even the hardiest players.

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