Sirius 1.0, or just Sirius, was Cynder Rush's deceaced wolf that never saw the camera because she forgot to film him. He died drowning in lava in the Sugar Rush section of Herobrine Mountain.


Before she tamed him he was drowning in water, darkening his fur to make him look like Sirius Black in the Harry Potter books. This is where he gets his name. When he was dying he turned red and had fire on the end of his tail and back.


Unlike Cynder Rush's other wolves, Charlie, PiPi, Lupin, Sirius 2.0, Zombo, Cocoa and Herobrine the wolf, Sirius didn't seem to have much of a personality. Despite this, it seems he was danger-prone. This is seen as he was found drowning, fell into a hole in the snow forest, got caught up in a minecart and eventualy drowned in lava.


  • Sirius is remembered with a toomstone, Sirius 2.0, a bedrock bridge across 2 islands that was built for him to walk across and birch wood stairs that where used for him to climb on.
  • Cynder Rush sometimes susspects that Herobrine killed Sirius, because he was next to her one minute and the next he was walking, almost like he was being made to by something, into the lava.
    • This theory may be due to her reading somewhere that Herobrine can take over animals.
  • Sometimes it is thought that Sirius survived, and is the unnamed wolf at Herobrine mountain.
    • This is unlikely, however.
    • This thought is influenced by two things:
      • The fact that she never actualy saw Sirius fall to the ground dead.
      • The fact that she can't remember taming the unnamed wolf at Herobrine mountain.
  • Sirius's name comes from the character in the Harry Potter series with the ability to change into a black, wolf-like dog with a similar appearance to the drowning Sirius.

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