Snowie a few seconds after being spawned.
Biographical info
Species Snowman
Gender Male (probably)
Residence The snow forest
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance How to build a snowman
Snowie is Cynder Rush's deceaced pet snowman tragically killed by the second spider spawned by Cynder Rush in her How to build a snowman video (I don't have a YouTube account yet but I will get one one day). He was built in the snow forest next to the scary redstone torch that W61 Spyro possibly put there to scare her.


Snowie looks like the regular snowman you might see on christmas cards exept he had a pumkin as a head. He is slightly smaller than a skelliton, being about 1 1/4 blocks tall.


Not much is known about Snowie's personality, but he hated spiders with a passion. This is shown when Cynder Rush spawns a zombie and Snowie refuses to attack, but when she spawns a spider he starts to throw snowballs at it.


  • Snowie is Cynder Rush's second deceased pet, the first being Sirius 1.0.
  • Snowie's actual species is a Snow Golem, but, despite knowing this, Cynder Rush still calls him a snowman.
  • Snowie has a sister named Frosty, spawned on Cynder Rush's little sister's account.
    • Snowie also has a brother named Gloydie the snowman who works at the creeper bar.
  • Because of his brief existence, Snowie never met KFC, Charlie, PiPi, Lupin, Sirius 2.0, Zombo, Cocoa, Herobrine the wolf, Candu, Hutch, the unnamed wolf at Herobrine Mountain, Alexander, Hary Barry and Larry, Mario and Luigi or Mr Squid. (All those are my other pets)
  • Despite being her pet, Snowie seems to think he isn't. This is shown when he tries to run away from Cynder Rush.

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