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    Should there be a GameChap and Bertie: The Movie featuring the two chaps themselves I say?

    My idea for a possible plot:

    GameChap gets tired for Bertie's antics over and over again. After his house he finally snaps at Bertie, causing Bertie to leave. At the same time however, Herobrine had plotted a new idea with none other than...


    Here, we learn that Herobrine is actually a subordinante of Count Cadbury all this time to destroy GameChap. Meanwhille, Bertie ends up in the Canyon Village in the newly built Village Tavern. He then meets a Testificate by the name of Jim, who turns out to be a relative of Uncle Bob. He then tells Bertie it was not his fault, and cheers him up.

    Later, GameChap is seen with a new house as same as…

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